Chakra 1 -
Base Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first
three vertebrae, the base chakra is responsible for your sense of
safety and security on this earthly journey.

The colour commonly associated with this chakra is red

The base chakra relates to the functioning of the physical body

 Activity 3 

Grounding Cord


This grounding cord technique is good to do each morning 

(You can also use it any time you are feeling ungrounded or depleted)

Be patient with yourself when you first start practicing this visualization as it may take some time before you are able to sense the flow of energy, with practice you will be able to achieve this.


  • To help you stay centred and grounded - calming anxiety and bringing clarity to the mind

Success Measure

  1. Doing the grounding cord meditation daily for 2 weeks

Grounding Cord

For this grounding cord meditation sit comfortably in a chair with your feet on the floor
Gently close your eyes as the meditation begins

Additional Benefits that come with practice

  • Gathering Energy: If you are feeling low in energy you can use your grounding cord to draw up the vitalizing energy of the earth, visualizing the energy flowing up either into your body or into your energy field around the body. Restocking and revitalizing your body and being.

  • Discharging Excess Energy: Dissipate any uncomfortable excess energy that you may feel within your body by visualizing it flowing down through your grounding cord and into the earth.

 Activity 2 

Feldenkrais - Awareness through movement


  1. Start by listening to the full audio, to fully engage the thinking mind with the process so that it can appreciate the rationale behind these seemingly simple actions and the expected outcomes

  2. After completing the audio, it's time to start doing these short, simple movements daily.


  • To start the process of bringing awareness back into the body

  • To begin freeing up the diaphragm and breathing

  • Restoring more ease of movement and function to the physical body

Success Measure

  1. Completed the audio 

  2. Completing the movements at least twice a day

  3. Over time, noticing the ease with which the body begins to move and the change in the breathing

 Written Lesson Tips 

 & Movements from 

 the audio  

Activity 1

Base Chakra Soundscape


The first activity for the Base Chakra is to immerse yourself in this 25minute Soundscape,

listening with full attention, breathing easily, with relaxed focus and awareness.


To simply be fully aware of the sound and being, 

no need to focus on any particular part of the body at this stage.


We're using sound to begin the activation process of the Base Chakra

Success Measure

To be able to maintain attention and be with the music for the duration of the soundscape