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Meditation Posture

Next we have a question about meditation posture

My feet hurt when I cross my legs during chakra chanting.

My posture is also not ideal when I'm sitting down, my back is not in a great position. I've tried on the ground, on the couch, on the bed, a pillow under my butt to lift me up a bit.

Do you have any other suggestions of positions I can sit in?


Yes, have you tried a Kneeling posture?

This is similar to using a meditation stool, but by doing it this way you can adjust the height and find a level that is comfortable for you.

Set this up on a yoga mat or carpet to protect the knees.

Roll up a blanket/s so you can sit astride it and it will run lengthwise from knees to tailbone.

Settle yourself into a kneeling position, with your legs either side and top of feet resting on ground.

You can experiment until you find a comfortable height for you.


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