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Over 20 years


Supporting your personal journey

Sometimes you may not know what's wrong, you just know that you don't feel right

maybe you 

  • feel like you don't have enough energy, or there is niggling issue that won't seem to go away

  • or a feeling of background anxiety and a lack of clarity

  • have found that other things you've tried were just missing the mark or didn't really get to the underlying cause

  • are self aware and want to find someone who 'gets' you, someone who takes the time to listen, who you can trust to work gently and at your pace. 


If any of these resonate with you and you'd like to work together, there are 2 ways we can do that:

Mind Body & Spirit Wellbeing

Image by kazuend
Energy & Reconnection Restore Me

what you need right now to restore your energy & wellbeing

Mind - Body - Spirit

Image by Sasha  Freemind
Your Wellness Map


Let's create your personal Wellness Map

for the next 6 months

both In Person and via Zoom/phone appointments are available

if you're not sure, either click 'tell me more' or book a 15 min call

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It is rare to find a practitioner as intuitively connected as Lynne. Her presence and her keen connection to the issue at hand make her work incredibly powerful in tangible ways that you can actually see manifesting in your life. She also has a very soothing energy which allows you to feel comfortable addressing any issues that need attention. I highly recommend her work to anyone who is seeking true transformation in their lives!

Veronica K, Hoboken USA

Using a range of balancing and restorative techniques,

including energy medicine and energy psychology

If this is what you've been looking for click the button below, call, email or text today...

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