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What to expect

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Energy & Reconnection

How do we work together?

We can connect either 

in person

online via Zoom


by Phone

within Australia

How much time should

I allow?

Generally each in person Energy & Reconnection session runs for around 2 hours, allow yourself a few minutes extra in case you need it

How will I feel afterwards

You should feel relaxed, with a greater sense of clarity.

Feeling much more centred and yourself. 

90% of people  find they sleep better after an energy medicine appointment

mind, body & spirit

Free Myself & Thrive

What can I expect in my first appointment

In our first appointment we will talk about where you are  and where you would like to be - the things that are working and the things you would like to be different - and  how we can work together to help you to make the shift

Is it all talking?

Not at all, we use a variety of approaches, including  EFT, visualisation and chakra work.

This is a collaborative journey, where I act as your guide to help you uncover what's been holding you back so you can make the inner and outer shifts you've been wanting to make 

Does it work?

Yes indeed !

  • if you really want to make the change for yourself

  • if you're open and willing to do the work 

  • and you're ready to take the action

then it most certainly works. 

You will have the clarity, options and confidence to do things differently

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