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Free Yourself & Thrive

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Chakra 1 - Base

This is our foundation, our physical body and feeling safe in the world

Chakra 2 - Sacral

Passion, charisma, presence, vitality

Chakra 3 - Solar Plexus

Confidence to take action

The journey to Self is not a straight road, it is a meandering path with many stops
and resting points along the way.

Over coming weeks you will be taking the suprising, delightful and empowering journey of coming back to your true Self, the you that is without the fears, anxieties and stresses that have been holding you back and keeping you small.

All sessions are recorded so you can listen later.

To help you stay on track and maintain your progress throughout course, the recordings will be available for up to two weeks after the end of the course

To make this program accessible for your time and resources you can choose to take either the:

  • One-on-one intensive program


  • Small Group journey

What You’ll Need

  • An attitude of curiosity and willingness to explore

  • Sense of humour

  • And a readiness to be scrupulously honest with yourself

It will be your choice how much you interact with your fellow travellers on this sacred journey. At some points you may feel like sharing a challenge or a moment of humour, at other times silence may be what you need.


There may be challenging moments, but it certainly doesn’t need to be hard work, in fact we will aim to make the whole experience an uplifting one as you establish and consolidate each Shift along the way.

Yes, let's do this

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Try the program for the first two weeks and if you feel it is not right for you simply let me know by email within 14 days of the start date and we’ll cancel the rest of your subscription.

Chakra 4 - Heart

Self-care, acceptance & sharing

Chakra 5 - Throat

Speaking, listening and creating myself in the world

Chakra 6 - Brow

Intuition, wisdom, insight and vision

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