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Biggest Morning Tea - 19 May

Updated: May 13, 2022

The Biggest Morning Tea Distance Energy Experience

11am - 19 May

Wisdom Well is supporting the Biggest Morning Tea again this year, and once again we're combining raising funds for the Cancer Council and a positive experience for people who donate.

By donating to the Wisdom Well Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser you can be a recipient of the beautiful 11am transmission of energy.

30 mins of energy for you - wherever you are in the world

simply find a quite spot to relax and enjoy

if you donate and want to be included in the energy transmission

Send me a quick Email or SMS to let me know you'd like to be included and I'll put you on the list 🙌

PS: please don't worry about the pre-set amounts, everyone's circumstances are different and every $ makes a difference, so just do what's right for you 🙂

And yes, you can invite people you know - just don't broadcast it on social media, there are only a limited number of places available

Distance Energy Experience Information

If something is not clear or you have any questions just ask - send me an email or SMS before the 19th.

The Energy Experience session is done fully remotely (without connecting by phone or zoom).

You can either

  • listen to the Guided Audio for the duration of session (make sure I've got your email address - an link will be sent to you the day before), or

  • be relaxing quietly, in which case it’s OK to have your own quiet background music playing


30 minutes

It’s a good idea to allow yourself a little extra time quite time afterward so you can gently return to your day

Key points for the session are

  • to avoid having any alcohol or non-prescription drugs in the body

  • and not be watching TV, using computer, or doing stimulating activity during the session, as it interferes with the connection

How it will work

We keep this nice and simple

To prepare prior to the session

  1. Download or access the audio file to play as the accompaniment during the distance energy session, if you'd like to listen to it. This audio will gently guide you through a relaxation process and provide background music for the duration of the session Access details sent out the day before. [Note: should there be a technical glitch that results in you not being unable to access the recording on the day, simply settle in and relax – it’s OK we’ll still be doing the distance energy work]

  2. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit or lie down for the session, where you won’t be disturbed

  3. Feel free to have a cuppa or cool drink with you

  4. Remember to put your phone on to ‘do not disturb/silent mode’, so you won’t be interrupted

Note: If you have a question I’ll be in meditation and preparation prior to the session, so uncontactable for about 1 hour before.

Next day check-in (optional)

Please feel free to email/SMS me with anything you'd like to share about your experience of the Energy session and how you felt afterwards.


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