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Heart & Mind

In keeping with the spirit of today, this week’s theme is Remembering. Remembering those close to us. And that includes ourselves, it’s so easy to be outward focused, doing things for others, and forgetting our own self-care. Active Remembering -

Each day this week bring someone to mind, either spontaneously or by choice. Then you can choose one of these, or something that feels right to you

  • Sending loving thoughts

  • Sharing with that person what you appreciate/love about them

  • Or a random act of kindness

And this is how we grow the resonance field, we bring in self-care by doing the same for us 😉, by also sending ourself loving thoughts, or words of appreciation, or doing something nice for ourselves. Let’s see if we can commit to 7 days of loving heart-filled remembering 💗💝


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