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Knowing when 👉

After choosing to honour the intent of Labour Day last Monday (8-8-8) and taking time off for the public holiday, today we’re back with the Monday Mantra. .

(And yes, that does mean that the Monday Mantra is prepared fresh 🥗😉 each Monday to reflect the energy of that week)

Our mantra this week is ‘Giving myself permission to press pause’.

With all the stuff of life and everything going on sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that it’s OK, and important, to press pause and take a ‘time out’.

Here’s an example from my own experience recently.

I’d been busy and pushing to meet a deadline, but I’d scheduled in a fun cuppa catchup with a good friend who’d just returned from a trip. I was really looking forward to it, but that morning my body let me know in no uncertain terms that what I actually needed was to press pause and take the day very easy. So, choice – try and push through, or listen to my body? You guessed it – trusting my body’s wisdom - no café catchup, we rescheduled.

Sometimes it’s really important to know when to Press Pause.

(Ideally before the body has to protest 😉)

This week let’s see if we can press the pause button at least once a day – in whatever way works for you.

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