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Returning to our Centre

With last week's Monday Mantra, did you get time to set your mind free and daydream?

Did you get to daydream?

  • Yes

  • Not Yet

It can be like a mini holiday

This week it's time to return to our Centre Coming back to the awareness of our inner presence at the centre of our being.

Here's 1 simple exercise to do that:

  • Come into a standing position, feet hip width apart and take in a slow deep breath, gently let it out

  • Let your awareness softly shift to inside your body

  • On your next in breath, allow yourself to rise up onto your toes, and follow the breath into the centre of your body

  • Hold for a moment

  • Breath out and lower your feet back down to being flat on the floor

Repeat this 5 more times, each time staying a little longer on your toes, breathing and sensing into the core of your body

If this feels easy for you and you want to take it to the next level - close your eyes whilst you're doing it

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